Marport Hydrophones & Accessories

Marport’s NHT Hydrophones are the crucial conduits that detect the signals from gear-mounted sensors.

For full coverage under all conditions, we recommend that port and starboard hydrophones are used to ensure uninterrupted reception. We offer both towed paravane hydrophone and hull-mounted versions for trawl and seine use. Our hydrophones are designed with dimensions to make them direct replacements for standard industry units, and we offer a comprehensive range of hydrophone types and configurations with passive and active options to meet virtually any requirement the fishing industry can throw at us

Marport Basic Charger

Marport’s Basic Standard Charger is an easy to use, lightweight, compact charger with its status indicated by a glowing light. The standard charger is shipped with newly purchased sensors, and is capable of detecting instantly basic and/or fast charge sensor configurations. It includes UK, European, Australian and North American connectors, as well as replacement square pins for a Marport sensor’s three-pronged connector.

Marport Multi-charger

Marport’s heavy-duty multiple sensor charger is designed for simultaneous charging of up to four sensors with individual charging status indicator “glow”plugs. It has dual features for the standard basic (8 to 12 hour) charging cycle, and the fast charge configuration that allows a 70% charge in 1 hour and full charge in 3.5 hours. 110 /220 Vac.

MFX Door Pocket Adapters

Marport’s Door Pocket Adapters are heavyduty pockets for installation/welding into existing Trawl Doors to provide alignment during trawling operations. These are designed for MFX standard size and DD-XL small frame sensors supplied with standard hardware.