Marport – The Most Advanced Multi-Function Sensor Technology for Trawl

Voyager Electronics is the exclusive Australian distributor for Marport; the global authority in software defined sonar with specialisation in net monitoring sensors. Marport systems are proven to greatly increase efficiency in vessel fishing systems.

Marport focuses on innovating, developing and marketing Software Defined Sonar® technology and products for a wide variety of underwater sensing and communication applications.

The sensors take various underwater measurements and transmit the information back to the vessel via a wireless signal. Each sensor is equipped with one or more transducers, depending on its function. Data is transmitted from the sensor using wireless acoustic telemetry and is received by a hull mounted hydrophone. The acoustic signals are decoded and converted into digital data that is transmitted to a bridge computer for graphical display. Voyager offers Marport’s complete line of trawl monitoring sensors that enable improved fishing effectiveness.

Marport’s bridge software provides an easy means to visualize the data from sensors, sounders and sonar. It can easily be customized to suit a variety of applications and runs on a standard PC platform.

Marport’s complete product line is powered by Software Defined Sonar Technology, providing flexible, reconfigurable platforms, all while operating on fixed hardware with lower cost, lower power consumption and full versatility.


  • Systems

    Marport M3, M5 & M6 no matter what your need we can customize a solution for you. Systems

  • Sensor Solutions

    Marport; the global authority in software defined sonar with specialisation in net monitoring sensors Sensor Solutions

  • Scala

    Scala offers up to four simultaneous echogram presentations on a single display page and playing back historical data is easily accessible, as are advance displays of 3D presentations in real time Scala

  • Accessories

    Marport’s NHT Hydrophones are the crucial conduits that detect the signals from gear-mounted sensors Accessories

Trawl Systems

Marport has provided underwater acoustics products to the global fishing industry since 1996. Years of intensive research, development and production of subsea acoustics technologies have resulted in products ranging from individual sensors to fully-integrated systems.

Marport sensors employ a user interface based on our acclaimed CommandView software which also offers customizable pre-programmed parameters. The underwater acoustics technology ensures excellent target detection and subsea communications capabilities. Professional mariners and fisheries scientists around the world rely on Marport’s line of subsea acoustic instruments.

  • Pelagic
  • Basic Bottom
  • Basic Net Monitoring
  • Basic Trawl Sounder
  • Basic Net Sounder
  • Portable Catch
  • Shrimp
  • Twin Rig
  • Net Sounder Replacement
  • System